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    Miss Marvel is getting review bombed by self proclaimed Marvel Geeks

    They are the same incels who said Shang-Chi is going to flop and it made $432,243,292 in the box office.
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    Corrective Measures Comes To Digital And Disc July 11

    Although not particularly outstanding, the film was better than I had anticipated. When I see Bruce Willis in a film these days, I know it's not going to be good. I've always assumed that his dreadful acting was due to boredom, because that's how he comes across these days - he just portrays a...
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    Loot: Maya Rudolph got dumped by her husband but the Divorce settlement is $87 Billion

    $84 Billion, I could have ended poverty in my hometown with that kind of money. I can give millions of scholarships!
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    THE GOOD PEOPLE: Aquarius Films And Port Pictures To Adapt Hannah Kent’s Historical Thriller Novel

    I didn't know there is a Warner Bros Australia, I thought All Australian actors goes to US and UK to have an acting career.
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    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    The Theater was packed with People when I watched. Good thing I am vaccinated and I just got my booster shot! Best MCU film of the year by far.
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    Minx, The Unlikely friendship between a Feminist and a Porn editor

    The show is awesome! Joyce is such a determined character who sticks with her principles even if a certain movie will help the magazine sales. She opposed Doug when he have ideas that does not reflect to her beliefs.
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    America Chavez is causing some controversy for Multiverse of Madness in some countries

    Hope they will make her likable this time around because she was annoying in the comics.
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    Jurassic World Dominion (2022)

    I will watch because feathered dinosaurs are finally going to be in the franchise!
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    Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, shows no one is too old to dream

    When I was a student, I did that hustle. I saved my allowance and did some jobs to afford expensive clothing. I needed it to fit in at school because I do not want to look poor, even if I am poor.
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    Margot Robbie as Barbie, The first look

    The plot is too Similar to that Tyra Banks movie where a fashion doll from another dimension became real.
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    Real People that Inspired the creation of Street Fighter characters part 2

    This is an Amazing Article series, I read both parts. Thanks for letting me know the origins of these characters most of us grew up with.
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    Street Fighter : Real People that Inspired the creation of the characters

    Victor Zangiev is now bald and he has no beard anymore. I wonder what he thinks about Zangief? Sadly All Russian characters will not comeback in Street Fighter 6 because of the War.
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    FOR YOU Trailer: MMA Drama That Promises a Heartwarming Love Story Covered by Bruises

    I am a fan of Women's MMA from the time of Ronda Rousey to the time the era of Amanda Nunes and up to now. These women are underappreciated compared to their male compatriots. I am happy there is a movie that represents these women now.
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    Moon Knight

    When are we going to have a Season 2?
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    All of Us Are Dead

    I hope they renew this because I want to know what will happen next.