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    Is Go-Onger worth a watch?

    I haven't been in touch with sentai since Magi ended. Subsequent years later I got more into Kamen Rider than sentai. But now I'm intrigued to get back into Sentai (Boukenger and Geki I don't feel like watching since they didn't appeal me very much). I heard a lot of bash and criticism for...
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    Jungle Fury or Super Smash Bros Brawl?

    Your say?
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    Friends: Overrated TV show or not?

    So I have this chat with some friends of mine and they admit that "Friends" was awesome. I honestly hadn't seen it so he shows me a site where I could watch them. He gave me some selected episodes to watch from each of the 10 seasons. I then watch it, analyze it, rate it and go back to him...
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    Things not Said on

    Sentinel Knight dismembers with Mackie boy at last. After RIC and FireHeart, Sentinel Knight's the next to go. Expect 2009 to have RoboTough dismembered as well. Oh and go watch it on
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    So I'm getting a Wii at last...

    And I'm chosen between two games as starters: Mario Party 8 or Pkmn Battle revolution? You're say?
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    Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - Once a Ranger Part II Talk Up

    Adam and Thrax settle scores by having a "kalishploshion" (k)ontest. Kira and Tori have feelings and pursue in a "hot" relationship encourage Ronny to do the same for Rose. Xander tutors Tyzonn, Dax and Mack how to master the "Plan Xander". Bridge teaches Will how to steal and debug the Red...
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    Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - "One Gets Away" Talk Up

    Jetix got away with posting "Once a Ranger" online a week before it's tv broadcast. But can they get away with low ratings with tonight's episode as half of the fandom is gasmed by the spoilers of the so-called "teamup"?
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    HP: Deathly Hallows - Talk Up! (previously "Did any one pre-order...?") [SPOILERS]

    Today's the last day to pre-order at I suggest to get to it if ya wanna read the big finale. I remembered last night so I pre-ordered my copy. Now it's just nearly a week away.....
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    Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - "Out of Luck" Talk Up!

    ...Is the show running out of luck? You decide!
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    Has PR gone down the drain?

    Who else thinks so? Because I'm currently pissed at the way OO's been going. Tyzonn's the exception. Furthermore, I feel like giving more support to KRDK more than ever.
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    Good news HJUers! As of today, my exams and school is over! Starting tomorrow, I will return to doing the Bouken vs OO thread. Expect the first 2-4 episodes tomorrow afternoon. :buttrock:
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    OO- Behind the Scenes now up on!

    Holy crap! The infamous scene between Rose/Ronny relationship!
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    Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - "Man of Mercury" II Talk Up!

    Dax dies of mercury poisoning... It follows immediately after Part I @ 8:30 pm EST. Check ur listings...
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    Kamen Rider Den-O

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    Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - "Face to Face (I)" Talk Up!

    Andrew and Spencer come face to face to discuss, the plan to cut Tyzonne's hair. It's on at 9PMEST instead of the regular 8PM.