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    Cross Universe

    Hey guys, I haven't posted up much in quite some time now. This is a new project that I am working on based on Ganbaride and Carddass series; called Cross Universe. This right here is Kamen Rider Universe, the user of the cards...pretty much Decade of my multiverse of riders.
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    Custom Core Medals

    Hey Guys. About a year ago, slightly before the end of Kamen Rider W, I did my version of the 26 A to Z Memories and some others. Several of those memories were thanks to several of you all who gave me input on what they wanted to see. So today, I'm here to ask the same thing from you all...
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    Netro's Kamen Rider Art

    I love drawing and I love working on Photoshop. Some of you have seen my work with my custom Gaia Memories, and some other works. I wanted to share my other works that I have been working on for the past couple of months. Capsule Can Collections: Artworks: A lot of the works are...
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    Custom Advent Cards

    I've been working on another custom rider' recently. This is for part of my fanfic called Shin Riders. This is for my parallel version of ryuki called Kamen Rider Volk (Russian for Wolf) I am planing to make more, right now I am painting his advent beast wolkaizer.
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    Gemini Graphics

    Hey you all. Today I just finished my 1K view project for deviantart (even though I have 10k views). I wanted to display it off here on HJU. Its based off my OC Kamen Rider Double-O, and Kamen Rider OOO'z Candroids. This is my Capsule Can series. If you want to see more of my works, visit...
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    Kamen Rider Double-O: Shin Riders Vs. Great Leader

    Hey guys, I'm in a little bit of a rut. Right now, I am working on a fanfic, for my rider Kamen Rider Double-O. Here is what the first fanfic episode is about (synopsis): Kamen Rider Double-O: Shin Riders Vs. Great Leader starts immediately after the end of the Decade and Double movie. So...
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    Custom A to Z Gaia Memories.

    Hey Guys. Right now I am in need of some help from fellow Kamen Rider W fans. As of now I working on a project to make custom made Gaia Memories from A to Z. Here is what I got so far.... So heres what I'm asking for, if you guys could all post on here with ideas of a memory either rider...