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  • Well thats good to hear.
    And to let you in on things, 5Dolls have been pretty positive so far.
    Hmmm, I don't know. :/ It's not just this...I just feel like I'll be to busy in the future for this as well.
    Yea..I know, but..I feel it's too late to be the new guy at other forums. Plus I already est. my trust and likeness for this place...I don't feel like doing it again, for a potentially worse place.
    Same same! I really came out last year, and loved it. Now it's very wound-up tight. I might consider leaving, but not togo to rangerboard but just off toku discussions in general. I think my time is almost up.
    Thanks man, it is! I'm trying to avoid confrontation and just try to let people understand my point of view. Besides Mr. Yellow, nothin doin.
    Yeah, anytime now they should release it. Plus Brave Brothers worked on it, so it should be pretty addicting song.
    And only one month really for co-ed comeback XD
    There you go! You already have shock XD
    T-ara has loads of songs released, so you can pretty much just chose from any.
    BEAST, I like Bad Girl and Shock. Thats where it's at. I didnt like Soom, but did like Beautiful wasnt Soom XD

    I'm looking forward to 5Dolls~

    And SNSD.....didnt really have any good songs this year. I like the first 4 songs they released prior to that, but this year was pretty meh so I agree.
    If you got BEAST and T-ara too then that list is perfect LOL
    And surprised to see Co-ed, they dont have enough fans :/

    Yeah, I'm a bit JYP biased too....when they're not doing anything 2PM-related, still dont like how they handled Jay. But other then those, totally lovin 2AM, WG, Miss A.

    And we have the same taste....I take back what I said about you liking 2ne1 :eek:
    My fav used to be SNSD, but T-ara is my number 1 now lol
    Well...look at kaen's profile to see why they arent amazing XDDD
    Though srsly, they are better groups out there.
    And I do this to every 2ne1 fan so dont feel bad :p
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