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  • Thx for the compliment...well give me a holler if you're done at designing you're riders..wanna see it and give it another thumbs up...
    Wow, tell him I give my condolences, and that it is alright that he missed the Contest on such circumstances. I hope he gets through this peacefully.
    Hows it going? I had a request for you, I was lookin at the forum and seen someone had a sigg made by you and I was curious if there was a chance you could design a tattoo for me? If yes, the tattoo I'd like to get is probably going on the back of my neck maybe on the left side of my neck and I'd like the Kamen Rider DiEND's logo with his name above or below " DiEND " not sure in what kind of lettering, maybe graffiti or blocks, idk. Anyways. And if at all possible I'd like the logo to show his face like Decade's does. So if you'd be able to help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

    Be sure to take care of yourself, Nanami-chan.

    And thank you for the avatar, by the way. ^_^
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