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  • Your sig: "Photobucket - upgrade to Pro today! - bandwidth exceeded". Might want to host it somewhere else, lol.
    Well, kinda... But I got to play double roles, since I love scenes where I get to die, I also portrayed Patroclus, Achilles's best friend. :sweat:
    No worries. :thumbs: Not to sound gay or anything, but some people do say I look like a girl and I've even had female roles in school play, like Aphrodite in the Trojan War. :rofl:
    Latest comments sa blogspot:
    "Y shud rgreg get punished? he didnt do anything wrong! All he did was help kamen rider lovers get there daily dose of fucking kamen riders! whats so wrong about helping people? plz tell me so then i can just say your retarded! Also Hju is fucking complicated...dumbass killing the only simple way of getting kamen rider and better yet you post his fucking pictures online dumbass! did u get permission to? i dont think so? isnt that like illegal? DUMB FUCKS! Now you have like a bunch of people thirsting for the shutdown of hju...i noe i am... **** HJU! IDC WHAT U SAY BACK HJU FUCKING SUCKS NOSEY ASS MOTHERFUCKERS!! SHUD JUST DIES WITH THIS SO CALLED LIE AND ONE LAST THING **** YOU DESTROYRGREG IF YOUR SUCH A NERD FIND OUT WHO THE **** THIS IS AND **** FIND SO I CAN TAKE YOU FACE TO FACE LIKE A REAL MAN UNLIKE THIS SISSY **** U PUT HERE! **** U AND HJU!!" - Grimmjovv1
    I'm cool with it basta bahala na siya kung anong gawin niya dito. Sino pala nag-control ng account niya? Na-miss ko yung hide tag na yun ah. XDD
    Kung kailan nawala ka kanina, dun siya online sabay banat sa kin. Di ko na pinansin dahil tolerable na ako kung anong sabihin ng isang tao. XD
    Punta ka ba sa Nami? Gusto ko na sana bayaran ka dun e kaso inutang ng nanay ko ung pera e... xnxa talaga... pero kukunin ko pa rin... sana hindi ka nagmamadali sa mga un...thanks...
    Okey Lang, Pare.

    Nakaka-miss panoorin, since wala ako sa America ngayon. Vulgar, pero nakakatawa. ^_^
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