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  • Thanks.. and actually I recently did! I got her a gift card for a manicure/ pedicure haha :3 But yeah..
    @_@ I've been lazy this week.. damnit.. I went out for a long walk today, and I'd been painting chairs the other day.. and doing general chores.. but no intense activity.. *IS BAD* ;_;..

    Anyways thanks <3 I appreciate it <3
    Yeah that's true. I'm also kind of doing it for my mom.. cause she's overweight but she can't really get out because she looks after my grandma 5 days a week from 6-6, comes home, makes dinner for my dad, only has about half an hour to relax, and then has to go back over to my grandma's to clean her bedwounds and comes back home.. does payroll and then goes to bed. It's hard and I try to do everything I can around the house to help her, and I make dinner sometimes. She sometimes gets to go to the pool to do laps and work out (once every couple weeks,) but her days off consists mostly of running errands. Mom's stronger than me and can lift and carry a lot of things I can't.. so I'm trying to get a lot stronger and fitter so I can help her around more with some of the stuff I rather her not do.
    (My bro is good for nothing >_> Ask him to do something and he -might- do it 3 days later.. *sigh*..)
    Yeah! Gym is tomorrow cause I did nothing but a walk today haha <3 @_@ My muscles have also recovered so that means definite workout time tomorrow <3 Whatever happened to the fitness thread we used to have? .O.
    I know.. I mean I have to do SOMETHING every day. If I don't work legs one day, then I'll do it the next. The day after that is arms. If I'm all sore then it's a good day for some meditation, stretches, light work.

    I just need to do it more often @_@ because right now I spend a lot of time just sitting.
    Haha it's okay! I just thought it was funny coming from you haha :3 And yah, my biggest thing is just doing it more often @_@ once or twice a week at a gym isn't enough. I need to do at least -something- every day. Trying to ease myself into a routine :3
    You know I heard that spot reduction doesn't actually work? @_@ Haha it might tone the muscle but it doesn't actually get rid of pudge in one area.. and.. HAHA :3 I've got you using the word pudge X3.. @_@ But yeah, arms, thighs, belly, back, pretty much wanna all-over tone and firm >: I'm not as thin as some people here think (waist is 28" and hips are 36" for example) which seems ideal for someone who is 5'5" or 5'7".. but I'm 5' so my goal is probably something more like 24" and 34".. @_@ Haha which is good for my height :3
    I'm at a healthy BMI now (anything between like 92-117ish is a healthy weight for me) and I'm smack in the middle at 105, but I want to slim and tone cause I have a bit of pudge in places and I'm a weakling @_@ haha.. My diet is good (lots of fruits and veggies and water and protein, a good portion of breads, too,) but I just need to do something to get my heart rate thumping a bit more haha @_@! <3 Thanks again though :33
    Don't wanna clog up the picture thread but I read everything you wrote and I want to say thanks for the tips <3
    @_@ I've actually gone down in weight a couple lbs (I am around 105.5 now) so I'm feeling enthusiastic about trying to keep it going (I have a gym membership now, too) but also hearing what you had to say is a great encouragement. I appreciate it coming from you because you obviously had to start somewhere one day, and although I don't currently plan on running any marathons, I feel really eager to step out there and gain some foot-mileage haha..
    But yes, thanks for the lengthy reply, I appreciated it!
    Well I can't add you because you never gave me your skype name =P Mine's listed in my profile~ Either that or you tell me your skype name and I'll add you <3
    Yes of course! I need some Musashi lovin' sometime so we'll definitely have to meet in Japan sometime~ Muwahahahaha~

    By the way, you still haven't added me on skype T^T You make me sooooooo sad T_____________T
    Awwww, well maybe one day you can? XD

    Oh~ And at least you can help with that last part whenever you come visit <3 <3 <3
    Ooo lol sorry~~~ I'm gonna be teaching English. First job is 4 months and I'll be an assistant teacher at a university in Chiba. The second job is 3 years and it's teaching kindergarten students. XDDD
    Yep! I'm moving back for 3 years and 4 months soooooo I'll see you there baby <3 I'll be living in the middle of nowhere though ~_~
    Nothing really besides having terrible hours and low pay ahahaha I'm pumped for my job in Japan XDDDD
    Welllll right at this moment I'm a freeloading piece of trash!!! But before I worked at a department store =P Not as erotic as you'd imagine, right? XD
    And why you like to have sexy chat with me in visitor messages? Ahahaha~ I can understand why, I guess I'm just jealous that I've never had a job that allowed me behind a computer. XD
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