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  • Yeah totally!!! <3 When we press together before dying I'll make sure I have a huuuuge boner just for you <3
    Yeah, I keep seeing news about it. I'll be heading back around mid-September. I think I'm gonna take a flight out on September 12th. I'm a little bit worried because where my first job is got hit by the tsunami a bit. =/
    Yeah probably. =/ Stupid time zones, lol! Well I'll be in Japan soon enough so I'll probably see you online then >XD
    Actually, I changed my mind. instead of reporting you, I'll delete ANY and ALL messages you try to send me. no matter what you have to say, I will delete them
    Except they're not facts. They're lies. You know nothing about who I am in real life. Now don't message me ever again or I'll report you for harassment
    *Shrug* Well I don't know him well so I can't agree with the rest of you guys haha
    Yep~ I don't just live on HJU you know haha.. I skype and have MSN too. :3
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