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  • Hi,

    I think it's pretty exciting for a Sentai to finally get an American release, and Shout! Factory is a good company. People have been waiting for this to happen since, like, the late '90s, when more and more anime titles were starting to get released in their original format.
    I think something that might be interesting would be something about the different Sentai designers. Not the hero stuff (the stuff handled by the army at PLEX), but the credited character designers. That might be rough, though, since a couple of shows have multiple people handling different designs (like Go-busters having a different person to handle each the monsters and the evil mecha and then the grunts), and they aren't always given proper credit.

    There's a lot of confusion out there about the designers. Like, people like to give Keita Amemiya a lot of credit for shows he didn't even do the designs for. He might have directed Jetman, but he didn't do the monster designs, for example. (Just one -- the evil robot Veronica. Ryu Noguchi did the rest, returning to Sentai for the first time since Sunvulcan.)
    Nice job!

    My favorite singers are Shinichi Ishihara, Takayuki Miyauchi, Daisuke Shima and Hideaki Takatori. Favorite composers are Tatsumi Yano, Goro Oumi and Toshihiko Sahashi.
    Everything that's been revealed about the show so far looks terrible to me, but I'm basically trying to reserve judgment since I liked Utsunomiya's last two Sentai shows. I mean, it's looking like he's sold out, but maybe he'll surprise ya.
    It depends on which host you want to use for your site. (I used webs.com for mine, and DID pay for it for a little, because they offer free service and premium service.) Various sites have various limits -- webs.com has a pretty small amount of storage space for its free service, so I had to use a variety of other places to host pics and stuff like that.
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