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    Stranger Things 4 Part 2 Trailer Hints At Huge Fight Ahead

    Crossing my fingers that my faves won't die.
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    The Game Is Back On In A Trio Of Stills For Season Two Of ALICE IN BORDERLAND

    Thank you, Netflix, for renewing this fantastic series for a second season! Borderland wishes you a Merry Christmas! I'm completely prepared for this. I became so into Alice in Borderland because it was so different from the other shows I watch. It's fantastic. This show is fantastic. I'm really...
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    ONE PIECE Live Action – New Behind the Scenes and Casting

    I hope the Friday Night Whites, aka Whiny YouTube Vloggers, won't attack this show because that killed Cowboy Bebop.
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    Stranger Things

    Kali is never mentioned again. I was waiting for her return since season 3 but they forgot she exists. I remember she almost had a spin off.
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    The Boys Season 3 look more disturbing than ever

    When you thought Homelander couldn't get much crazier! I'm worried about Queen Maeve and Starlight, who have to deal with this psycho for everyone's protection. Homelander's nasty grin is unlike any other! Homelander is very creepy he's gone insane since losing Ryan, which is unfortunate because...
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is won by a landslide by Ukraine

    I hope Stefania will become a chart topper as it helps Ukraine.
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    Deinfluencer,Fail to get subscribers or your life will be canceled…Literally

    The concept looks original but it looks like a bad movie. I had seen so many concepts that would have been great in the hands of another director or writer. What a waste of an interesting plot.
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    Netflix Adaption of ONE PIECE Has Begun Filming!

    How should they market this show so it will survive seasons: Uncancel shows that is close to having a finale. Make the cast not talk about politics, just make a fun show. The actress who played Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop tried debating fans which is negative PR.
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    David King from Dead by Daylight retconned to be Gay

    Chris Redfield from Resident evil will be Next because of all the fan arts he have spreading around the internet.
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    Angelyne, The Pre-Internet Influencer

    I'm delighted to see Emmy in another project after "Shameless," and this one sounds promising so far! I've been a fan since she portrayed Christine in Phantom of the Opera, and I'm overjoyed to see this. Emmy deserves more attention and parts, therefore I'm overjoyed to see this. She didn't get...
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    Girls5eva Season 2 drops it’s first trailer

    The irony of how they turned out is funny.Wikie left the group because she is the most talented and the best of them all but she ends up as a bird shooter in the airport. Dawn Claims to be the cool one but she is nerdy and uncool. Gloria is the youngest one and claims to be Boy crazy but she...
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    Thor: Love And Thunder Releases First Teaser

    This magnificent theme music gives me a sense of Taika Waititi's spirit. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie in the theater. I'm so excited that the Guardians are in it. I hope the trailer compliments Thor's plot because it gives out the most positive vibes. Taika Waititi Never fails! Trust...
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    Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

    I am saddened with the ending but nonetheless it is a life changing film. Oscars commited Suicide for snubbing this movie.
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    All of Us Are Dead

    Netflix have another Zombie show with potential. Guys try to watch Happiness!
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    Our Father – A true Crime Story where all the victims are alive

    Regular citizens now have access to online DNA sites, which is the ONLY reason he discovered. No one would have known if those hadn't existed. It caused terrible trauma to anyone who found that their biological father was a monster. To make matters worse, this monster has been beyond the reach...