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  • Getting started! Although I'm on Windows 7 and that's not an option to choose for accessing Web Disk. Is it safe to choose one of the others? May I chat you, somehow?
    *confused* I responded to this message a couple of days ago, and my response just is not here. Sorry about that, Mike. I wonder what happened to it? Did I miss a button?
    If you host a domain for me, I do have a registered name, jillun.com If I take a subdomain, TokuFans would probably be the appropriate one. Is corona available as a username? password --- What do you mean by e-mail address? A new one? How do people refer to me and ye old sentaispoilers? jillun@hotmail.com is my address right now.
    Thank you so much! That would be great! Er, how do I start using your server? What's your name, by the way? Do you prefer that I always refer to you as DekaMaster?

    I don't know if you've heard, but I let sentaispoilers.com expire. The url is up for grabs.
    Hello, terribly sorry to bother you, but Keith told me to do it.

    Sentai Spoilers is now an orphaned website, and I'd like a place to host it. However, I'm not interested in spending $5 a month so I can have a bazillion services involving things like giving other people e-mail addresses or operating a business. I'd just like a place where I can put up pages written with my own simple html and I don't have to jump through a dozen or more hoops every time I want to add pages or change anything...

    Do you have any recommendations?

    Thank you so much!
    Jill Sylvan
    Hello,Can I apply for an Asia Torrents Invitation?:)
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