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  • Kamusta, Pareng melrobin.

    Meron akong mga SD henshin gif requests sa Art Institute Forums. Salamat. ^_^
    After i Saw your Decade complete form Henshin gifs I tried to do my verson,but i haven't sucess

    can you Help me?

    the henshin sequence is more or less the same you used to my panther form, but after He reaches Avenger form, the geass Symbol (vide photo) appears and an special effect (your choice) changes his armor in this sequence: feet, belt, arms ,chest,shoulders,helmet

    to Help You I'm sending the frames I Did
    Sub:Avenger is the simple, and Avenger plus is the hyper form
    Yo, Melrobin-san

    I recently saw your fang-joker sprite. it's very very good

    can you do fang triger too?

    and don't forget to use the sprites I sent to you if you will do a nwe version of shin-den-O henshin gif
    That's good man, but certain colors in plat,strike and vega are wrong. cause this I sent this versions and a pic of Koutarou. the strike form you used is good but a little exagerated in helmet
    that's all okay man^^

    I borrowed a lot of gifs and sprites from a guy called naruepoliamkleeb of photobucket and to thanks you I'll send new images of New den-O to you do a new version of the gif


    If don't overload you very more, can you do a version of new den-O using my Toushirou Hitsugaya's sprite? is for another RPG.In this I'll be the master
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