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    Sonic Origins Is The Ultimate Shrine To The Hog’s Glory Years

    I'm delighted these games are getting widescreen, rather than just stretched out, because those are the worst types of widescreen. Also, the idea that Sonic 3 and Knuckles are finally being re-released after all this time and getting the same treatment as the other games is impressive and cool...
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    Mecha in Masked Rider?

    Okay, so Masked Rider has been around since 1971, and he's gone through a lot of changes. But in the last two Rider series, Den O and Kiva, they've added something new: Mecha. Den O had the Denliner which would transform to fight Giant monsters, and Kiva has a castle that turns into a dragon...
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    Takeshi Hongo is in Kabuto!?

    Yep, to my surprise he is. I was rewatching Masked Rider Kabuto a while back, when I noticed this. About 13 minutes into the show, Tendo goes to a restaurant to find it is closed, and walks away disappointed. Just then, a man riding a Red and White motorcycle (obviously the Cyclone) pulls up...
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    Masked Rider the Next Music Video

    Now, I've yet to see Masked Rider the Next with subs, but from what I did see, most of the movie was very disappointing. In fact, without the over the top action scenes, it would have not been worth watching. I think they focused way too much on the horror and not enough on the rider. So I...