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    Need the previews by Monday at the latest. :)
    What was your name on XBox?
    So YOU'RE Kyle! Thank you man... that comment meant a lot to me and always will. :)
    To put it quite simply there have been only a few good things happen the past few days, but also a majority not so good.
    LOL!!! Me? be quite honest with you Matrix doing about 50/50 myself these past few days and yet looking at the bright side of things.
    Hey, what's the title and episode name of your KR fic again? I've been so overloaded with stuff and I just remembered I hadn't given you the title card yet.
    Hi there. How are you doing? I am doing fine. I hope you will join my stuff on here.
    I am working on Brand New RPG Project. It's underneath the RPG Justice on here.
    Hahahah...You and me both. I was literally ready to chuck the whole thing out the window.
    Just checking on to see how you're doing my friend. Think the matters have been resolved to be more active. There's one small error, but nothing to be stopping from posting from this point onwards.
    Found the problem. It was not the modem connecting me to the internet, but rather the cable outside the apt. They fixed it now and have not had any problems. So, I'm back.
    HI HI ^___^

    How are you, Matrix-san? I'm feeling in such a good mood that I hope to be back tomorrow. It is really annoying not knowing when the internet drops. Not sure if its the modem or the wire. Hopefully they'll give me a direct answer.
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