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    Don’t Worry Darling – A 1950s housewife stuck in a stepford wives nightmare

    Yes, in a way like Get Out. Being all uncomfortable out there and meeting much opposition when trying to get out. Harry is not himself either.🤣
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    Deleted Scenes From Turning Red

    I didn't know there was a connection between Turning Red and the Michelle Yeoh movie. Is that why they left out the part with the temple threatened with foreclosure? I would want to see how that turned out too. The movie is a good one and these additional scenes make it even more interesting.
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    Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Delayed Again

    I was also proven wrong which is why this extended delay is so disappointing. I anticipated so badly this one. Then there's a part II which has been pushed into 2024. Will we ever get there?
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    Batwoman Is Dead

    You had me there for just a moment. At first I thought it might be a real-life character, then I said maybe it's part of a plot. Well, good to know it's just CW, lol. I knew of the series but didn't follow it though. Very rarely do I access CW anyway.
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    America Chavez is causing some controversy for Multiverse of Madness in some countries

    As you said, there's no romantic interest or expressions in this instance so I don't see what all the racket is about. Disney is the next one too, they seem to thrive on controversies. They're enjoying this. 🤣
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    Music Psy is back with a New Song to prove he is not a One-hit-Wonder

    So how come I didn't know about this? I agree with you, this is turned all the way up. From start to finish you see and hear the potential. It even looks like he spent some big time money on choreography this time .😄I can't wait to catch the dance moves. Love it, love it!
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    All My Friends Hate Me – A College Reunion turned into a Twilight Zone Nightmare

    The opening scene gives the feel of one of those Johny Depp thrillers that's set to be spooky to the core. This dude's type of jokes are too much for his friends here. Look how held the other one at gun point and then acted like someone was supposed to laugh about it.🤣
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    HBO Max And Discovery Plus To Merge Whether You Like It Or Not

    As long as they don't hike the price for this merged service I guess it won't hurt anyone. Unless they want the subscribers pulling something similar to the Nexit (Netflix exit) they better play nice in the sandbox. 🤣 That Nexit idea just came up while I was imagining the possible outcomes.
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    Password Sharing Crackdown is not the answer Netflix!

    Even in the middle of all this they are chopping away like there's no tomorrow. They took out a number of in-development shows including the animated adaptation of Bone graphic novel series. Jeff Smith is now on social media venting and I can see why he's upset. This is not the first or second...
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    Piracy of Entertainment Media is now Legal in Russia

    The only difference now is that it's legal. So all who were engaged in movie (and video games) piracy won't have to worry about getting into trouble with the law anymore. For others I guess it means there's still an option of accessing outside entertainment.
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    Ukraine Will be able to Compete in Eurovision 2022

    I understand that they received exemption and were allowed to do promo tour. They also have the greenlight to participate at ESC in Turin next month.
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    Lightyear latest trailer reveals more about the plot

    People still out here looking for Tim Allen. Yup, this trailer definitely says much more and now we know what role Waititi plays. I liked the shorter, earlier trailer but only because I somewhat knew the back story. It didn't say much otherwise about what to expect.
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    The Bad Guys, Its like Suicide Squad and Money Heist but with Anthropomorphic animals

    🤣 I know what you mean but in a way The Bad Guys can get a pass. They're hard to look at but funny as hell. Mr. Shark is the worst of all. Imagine stealing The Mona Lisa portrait while pretending to be The Mona Lisa. What a hot mess and to see the whole bunch of them trying to 'save' the cat...
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    Dual: Karen Gillan trains her clone to replace her

    That was awesome for them to have been accommodated by Finland especially during that time. Riley and his crew seem to be quite down to earth as well so all that makes for a fun experience. Nice and spicy interview by the way. It covers everything you'd want to know without talking out the movie.
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    CHIP ‘N DALE: RESCUE RANGERS * CGI and 2d together? Shut up and take my Money!

    This is adult oriented for sure and those jabs they are taking are meant for no kid.😆 Disney+ is the ideal home for it too, definitely not Netflix.