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    Firefly... The AWESOME Edition

    Firefly...The Awesome Edition:laugh: :buttrock:The original post with "explination."
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    The Easter Bunny Hates You

    This was probably posted here before, but considering that the season is upon us, I felt it was appropriate.
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    The Happy Valentine's Day Thread

    Niiice. :thumbs:
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    Toys 'N Joys Question

    Hi, everybody.I remember seeing people complaining and saying that TnJ wasn't that great. So, I'm wondering, what's so bad about it? Is it the high prices? Does it have bad customer service? Long and delayed delivery?Thanks for your time.
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    German experts crack "Mona Lisa" ID
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    Cat says, "Wake up, *****!"

    I love this video so much. :anime:
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    English themes

    Okay, I was looking through my music files one day, and noticed that there are five Sentai series that have and English theme (Carranger-Timeranger), right? We all know that, by now and, if you didn't, you do now. :PAnyway, my question is: Why those series? Why start with Carranger? Why...
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    Who is that avie of? (OT for Anime Music request thread)

    Thank you very much. :thumbs:Out of curiosity, who or what is featured in your avatar?
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    Shonen Yo live is this from? I'm getting kind of a Japanese Oscars feel from it.
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    This may seem a little odd...

    Okay, I know there were 13 Riders in Ryuki. I've seen clips and bits and pieces here and there (And I have the first 3 episodes), so I was wondering if anyone would be so kind enough to tell me all their names (Other than Ryuki and Knight) and possibly a picture to go along with the names. :sweat: