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    2022 in fiction

    Can you guys imagine, We are two years after The Pacific rim first movie's timeline.
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    Loot: Maya Rudolph got dumped by her husband but the Divorce settlement is $87 Billion

    So she will use the money only for charity, and she will not try to start her own business? I will try to feed the economy if I have 84 billion dollars.
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    FS: SoC Big-O w/ Expansion set + Others

    Gotta pay some bills :( So even though I don't want to, some of these guys need to go.SRC Great Mazinger - 30$SHF Hyper Kabuto - 30$SHF Gatack - SOLDRobot Damashii Eva-02 The Beast - 20$ (box does not have the huge plastic insert for the actual figure, but it is plenty secure in...
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    SHF Kuuga Dragon Form/GaiaMemories

    It's the last one I need to finish off my collection of released Kuuga SHFs, and nowhere has it! So if anyone has one they'd be willing to part with, I'd much appreciate it.Also, if anyone out there has the DX Trigger/Metal memories and doesn't really want them I'd love to get my hands on...