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  • Pretty much. Though Hiro Mizushima as Tendou Souji is actually two in one. XD Koji Seto himself is also two in one, so he ranks over Hiro. But Takeru Satoh...just....ranks....EVERYONE.
    I seem to like Blade a lot in Decade than Blade series itself. For example, Kenzaki Kazuma proved to be cooler than he was back then, and Kendate Kazuma is so much more cuter. XD
    It was more than cool. It was badass! Like, he's the reason why I want a Blay Buckle, so I can reenact that scene!
    And you're probably a cute-look in them too. XD Man, I wanna cosplay! I wanna buy a Blay Buckle and play Kenzaki Kazuma during the final eps of Decade...'ve been busy. lol I only recognize a few that you listed, but I'd like to see what else you've done!
    Yoshimi Fujiwara? I doubt that's your real name, but I guess I can call you whatever you like. Kristine (assuming that is your name), Yoshimi-chan, Fujiwara-san, Yoshi-tan, I like nicknames.

    I don't really have a cosplaying code name, but I usually go by the alias Kaji Motomiya. Other than that, I have people call me "Jamie."
    Not cute at all, huh? disappointing...

    Are you a cosplayer at local conventions in the Filippines?
    What do you mean you hope? You mean you haven't watched it? I thought Den-O is dubbing in the Philippines now?

    When I was there last, they dubbed Blade, and...I kinda laughed a bit.
    I never bought Rider stuff in the Philippines when i was there last time. Otherwise, I would have gotten a TheBee Brace or a Drake Zecter. (lol) Hell, I should've gotten the Blay Buckle while I saw it at Robinsons Galleria and Toy Kingdom! XD
    Oh, I wish. I haven't been in the philippines since 2007, a year before I joined HJU. But i couldn't get into Blade at the time. Still, i wish I can get that Blay Buckle...

    Also, I can't speak Tagalog. ^_^;
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