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  • cool. there's the toku panels on saturday at 7 and 8pm in the 309 room. hope to see you during the con or at least the panels
    hey again! have you and your sister been watching Kamen Rider Gaim? if so, what do y'all think of it?
    oh yeah, do you and your sister want to do the Tokusatsu meet up? Dessa, (same username here, Sakuracon, many other places) she's part of the Sakuracon staff and is into Tokusatsu says there will be a 3:30 meetup on Friday and 5:30 meetup on Saturday.

    Dessa says, "International Meeting Place", 2nd floor behind the escalators, out by the windows/doors. we'll be waiting at least 10 minutes kuz she wants to do photoshoots at this place she calls "Toku Plaza" lol. anyways, see you there either at the meetup or if we pass by each other
    whoaaaa! you were at sakura-con?! i was there too! i saw you and your twin with your ooo mask and sushi changer. i'm sure you saw me; i was double forever shotaro on saturday night.
    Yeah it's a bit of a drive, but not too bad~ @_@ I have a feeling it'll be an expensive day though.. haha :3 Oh well!
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