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    All aboard for the cute train!

    So I got my cousin a morpher for Christmas - YouTube Got my cousin a morpher for Christmas. These are the results.
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    Jojo opening theme fandub

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Sono chi no sadame ~EN~ - YouTube C & C would be greatly appreciated ^_^
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    Megaforce fan theme?

    Hey all. Was really bored today. So I messed around in FL studio. This is what came out. I suck at making music in FL Studio. C&C, greatly appreciated. Maybe I can add/subtract something.
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    Leave all behind - Eng ver 2012 - One year since I started guys. Thanks for still rocking with me. For now, while waiting for my "bigger project", please enjoy the remix to the song that got me truly started. Dedicated to Stronger.
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    So I'm on Vokle now...

    I'm on Vokle now! - YouTube Basically, the description of the video says it all. If you want to help me with a toku song, come on over ^_^
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    Dragon Soul FULL version?!

    Dragon Soul : Vic Mignogna - YouTube Yeah, I "finished" writing Brina Palencia's lyrics and decided to sing the rest of it...with Vic. Also, bonus cover: Ginyu Force Rules : Chris Sabat - YouTube
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    OOO Full Song Collection [Need Singers]

    Video explains most of it: OOO Full Combo Collection Eng Ver.? - YouTube As most toku-fans know, Kamen Rider OOO's Full Combo Collection album was released and had a plethora of songs that the fans enjoyed. As a past-time of mine, mostly based on request, I've been re-writing and singing...
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    Can I be on "The Tester" too?

    After seeing Reionyx's thread (and learning for the first time that such a thing existed) I decided to give it a shot as well. I'll be voting for Reio personally, but hopefully I can get some straggling votes myself lol. Become a fan of me here: Video...
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    OOO Full Combo collection eng ver?

    OOO Full Combo Collection Eng Ver.? - YouTube Video says it all. Anyone interested in this? (I'd rather not sing out of my comfortable vocal range anymore -.-) -edit- Whoops, sorry about that. Reuploading now. Add me and check my notes for the songs...
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    This Love Never Ends in...what do you think?

    YouTube - ‪Otoya Kurenai : This Love Never Ends (English)‬‏ Enjoy.
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    3 English Dubs at once!

    Gokaiger opening Dub YouTube - ‪Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger OP English Dub‬‏ Goseiger opening Dub YouTube - ‪Tensou Sentai Goseiger OP English Dub‬‏ Kiva opening Dub YouTube - ‪Kamen Rider Kiva OP English Dub‬‏
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    Clay Gaia Memories

    What should it be, because as of now its blank. Leave suggestions below:
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    TETRA-FANG Supernova english

    YouTube - ‪TETRA-FANG : Supernova (English Music Video)‬‏ Another one.
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    Double Action english music video

    YouTube - ‪Double Action (Climax Form) : Den-O Imajins (English-Music Video)‬‏ Yeah, I did it. Enjoy it. Or not.
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    A Justifaiz'd request...

    YouTube - Cyclone Effect request : Labor Day Yeah, I can't hit these notes for beans, but I'm hoping an HJUer (hopefully female or a high-pitched male) can do this song Justice in english. This also applies to any other cover I did in my previous thread. I'm just an okay singer, not an...