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  • :p

    Well... why not hire a person to do all the work for ya for as little as a dollar an hour? :p lol

    Well her b-day is coming up so I might go then, as long as I don't have to work. =3 I hope I don't.

    Also I bought Patlabor the movie and Patlabor 2: the movie, and the first 14 eps of Tekkaman Blade (that's all they had =3). I liked them. ^^
    Take some medicine or some green tea, or just knock ye self out. :p lol

    What kinds of changes at work are ya talking about? Bad changes? Good changes? Renovation of the work place? o_O

    Well I'm gonna be going to a chick's house some point this week, and I'm making a grilled cheese right now. And I keep hearing banging on next to my window... could be cats since I can't see anyone outside. o_O
    well you're not the only one, I had it a few weeks ago. =P Seems that there's a bug going around.

    It's the end of the world! XD lol And I feel fine... :loltongue:
    It will probably take all of us to make it... And yeah, same place different rules... :p

    Ahh, well, will read when I make my comeback if ya don't mind.
    Well this better place better be one hell of a good place to be. That's all I gotta say.

    Also I posted up a synopsis and trailer for my Gundam-S fanfic. =3
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