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    [SELLING] Kikaider's Kamen Rider Lot of The Century..of Da Week.

    Kikaider's Kamen Rider Lot (EBAY LINKS POSTED) Hello Hju'ers! Money is tight so unfortunately I have to let some of my collection go. ALL EBAY LINKS HAVE BEEN POSTED! U.S. BUYERS ONLY! Medal sets 1-4, SP...
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    Amy Winehouse found dead in apartment

    :( She might have been strung out on drugs and been in and out of rehab all these years..but she still had inspirational music that touched the souls of many.. and helped me through some tough times too..R.I.P. edit: and...
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    DX IXA henshin belt, candy toy memories and Little big planet(PSP)

    Hey Hju's and Hju...ettes. I'm selling my beloved IXA to make room another belt, and i thought i'd come here to pawn it off before I went to ebay...because I certainly keep you guys in mind:anime: Also, I'm selling my Little big planet for the PSP and two candy toy memories(Cyclone and Joker)...
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    Mirror's Edge and pokemon cards for sale.

    So pretty much to break it down...I need munnies. For now i'm just gonna sell Mirror's Edge(PS3) and my "old school" pokemon cards. Mirror's Edge(PS3): $25-shipping included Pokemon cards: $20-shipping included If no one here wants these within a week or so, i'm just gonna put it on...
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    Mortal Kombat 9 E3---back and gorier than ever!

    The Mortal Kombat Franchise is coming back to New-gen consoles, going back to the classic 2-D style of fighting....and Ed Boon has also returned for the project followed by his new team, NetherRealm Studios. Right now it is set to be released sometime in 2011...
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    Creative writing critique

    Ok, so my Gf is currently writing a story for her creative writing class and she requested some well needed critique. So could you guys please give your honest opinion! Thanks guys:thumbs: ---------------------------------------- As I step off the boat, water glistening like cerulean diamonds...
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    Could someone do a huge favor for me!!!??

    So long story short I ordered an S.h. figuart from ami ami, and a S.h. Figuart from HLJ. I transferred $78 dollars to my paypal account last wednesday hoping that the transaction would process by now. Unfortunately that didn't happen as it is still trying to process and the payment is due...
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    Paypal questions?

    Alright I had a few questions regarding paypal and it would be REALLY cool if someone could help me out: 1. is there a fee sending international payments to HLJ or AmiAmi?? 2. how do you get your routing number for transferring payments to paypal account? 3. is there a way to send money without...
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    project needlemouse--the sonic game we all wished for has finally come

    I'm proud to say that this might be the Sonic game that everyone has wanted for years now. Now I don't know about everyone else but sonic being the only character focused in this one really gets me hyped for this! :castlerock...
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    Senior year papers bite!

    Well lets cut to the chase...I suck horribly at writing well thought out research papers and it's driving me crazy! It seems as if I've been at a remedial writing level since my freshman year. It's my senior year and I feel as I haven't even improved during all four years. And im afraid that...
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    Kamen rider double Belt Animation(really crappy)

    Yeah, so i was really bored so i whipped this up in 30 mins. If I had time i would make this a crap load better...oh well
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    Denkou Choujin Gridman?

    So I saw a clip for this show and I was wondering, does anyone where I can watch this show anymore? It looks pretty good and I wanted to watch more episodes of it but they are nowhere to be found. And if you have seen the show, what are you thoughts about it?
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    So which is the better buy: decadriver or double driver?

    So after many months I've finally racked up enough cash to buy my first rider belt. I really loved the decade belt and double's belt is just awesome sauce. But here's the problem: which belt should I buy as my first? Although the decadriver is the tenth aniversery belt and has all the past...