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  • You can get the completed Rockman 7 Kamen Rider Decade mod game here
    The new music is really big since they're essentially wav quality songs. You can get them from here

    Lovingly named Kamen Rider Decade - Rockman no Sekai (Rockman World in Japanese) by the staff. Originally started by theToNg0, this project was taken over (hijacked :P) by me when I came to the conclusion that he was not going to do any further modifications other than Rockman's main sprites and the bosses. So, I took it upon myself to modify more sprites, change sounds to Kamen Rider sounds, and change all the music to songs related to Decade and the other shows that correspond with each stage. The intro story sequence images were brought in by Tendou Sora aka Milen Anessar, and the updated Decade Complete sprite was brought in by YouTube user xSasword.
    hi, i read an article about a game you edited from rockman 7 famicom into kamen rider decade. But unfortunately I was unable to download the file which you shared on megaupload. Could you share a new link which is active? thanks bro
    Sorry to bother you again, but you think you can send me a link or an email to music files you used for the sonic color GMs? I have the voices but not the music.
    Hey, where did you get the sound files for the sonic colors animation you did?
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