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  • Wow O_O ...didn't you notice you left me a visitor message until now. >_<

    But yeah, Toys2 at FMP had Black and Black RX... and this was ages ago.
    I forget the price but I'd guess their usual somewhat high prices... $40ish?
    They're definitely gone now. Sorry I didn't see your message sooner. :sweat:

    Right now, they have Decade Complete, Kuuga, Another Agito, and Zero (not KR).
    hi there kazumi ! yes, decade is extremely easy to find as of now. if you've seen the link i have in the figuarts thread, there are so many on sale at a lot of the major electronic outlets in japan (yodobashi, bic camera, sakuraya) and of course the small places too. there's no way ur aunt can't buy it!
    I have Legend 3 packs and an assload of Legend 3 doubles. they are all listed on my Rangerstrike thread.....that you have apparently posted in. Wow! So yeah, I would be willing to trade dupes of mine that you're interested in for whatever dupes you have from any series that isn't series 3. Also the prices are as follows: $1 per pack, 25 cents per individual card, and 7 bucks for shipping and handling and what not. PM me to exchange mailing info.
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