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    I am still sad that the lead actress Takeuchi Yuko committed suicide by hanging.
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    Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile: The most challenging role of Shawn Mendes’ career

    Clifford The Red Big Dog was here last year, and Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is here this year. It's going to be spectacular, a brand-new film with brand-new music written by Geniuses who the greatest showman!
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    Blonde: Ana De Armas got uncanny resemblance to Norma Jeane

    Blonde, is no biopic. It's based on an MAKE-BELIEVE book! In her disclaimer, the author makes it obvious that she used a lot of creative liberties. The phrase "based on the novel" appears in both the teaser and the trailer. With so many falsehoods around Marilyn, she really needs some help with...
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    Dead By Daylight Announces Unexpected Attack On Titan Crossover

    I Understand they can only get cosmetics because the Titans are suppose to be massive. I wish we got Eren as a Survivor instead of a costume for Dwight though. I hate Dwight.
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    Emily the Criminal, Aubrey Plaza’s graduation from Comedy

    From voicing Grumpy Cat into a hardened criminal Audrey Plaza evolves as an actress.
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    Miss Marvel is getting review bombed by self proclaimed Marvel Geeks

    I want a Season 2. I don't care what those racist haters say. This show deserves more episodes!
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    Honor Society: High school Overachiever will distract her valedictorian rival by seduction

    Characters like this don't deserve a happy ending.