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  • Judging by your signature, in one of the online games you play, your character is a female while IRL you're a male.

    I wonder how many perverted men you trick on there.... O_O
    I mean quote from Shoutbox by Herman the German:-

    "I can speak from experience when I say that "just ignore it" does not work for everyone. It's not like there's just a switch in yer head that allows you to tune out any and all negative input."

    "Likewise, not everyone's capable of controlling one's emotions just like that, especially when it's things temper-related."

    See? to me that the way that their posted on my youtube videos are way too inexcusable like they posted some kinda chain letter (You'll be kissing bla blablba) & an Anonymous link (Free Ipad & Free key to access for porn site) till they just keep spamming a lot which it's annoys me.
    "...really dude? seriously? i'm pretty sure you can control your emotions to yourself." - Quote from Shoutbox

    Even though I've posted the description that where did I bought those stuff like Kamen rider figures/belts BUT those people keep posting 'where did you bought it' all the time which it's annoys me.
    I could give you hints for "multiple" accounts:

    meeep meeeeeeeeeep
    mmmmmmm mushroom soup(soap)
    Keith Injustice
    or imitating names like Sentinel_Queen
    Hello there. I'm not here to harass you. I just give you the current source of his multiple accounts. We must be vigilant that they use proxy servers.
    how are you today? kinda hot as usual here. just playing anime games at home and planning to draw Goseiger art.
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