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  • Did you realise that your signature says "This image or video has been moved or deleted"? Seems Photobucket took it down.
    Hey, would you mind checking out a fanfiction I wrote? It's called Shakunetsu Sentai Faiaranger and it's in the Justice Fiction board. Thanks in advance.
    Oh, I didn't know your location. :p Yeah, that's really cheap for four volumes actually. I'll probably pick them up when I do another Amazon order (which is never too long for me).

    And thanks for the avvy comment. :laugh: And like all of the old school stuff. Inazuman is not my favorite shouwa toku but I just wanted a reason to put CHEST somewhere. xD
    Thanks for the info. xD And your welcome for the avatar comment!

    Wow, a collection of volumes one through four on Amazon is only $14. :eek:
    Ah, okay. I've always thought your avvy looked really awesome. Has it had a U.S. release? I generally like mecha stuff (Gundam Wing, Escaflowne, Code Geass, etc.) myself.
    I meant to ask you before, Shinzo, but what anime is your avatar from?
    Saw you talking about Movie Wars 2010 and when to watch, and since it seemed off topic there, I'll just say it here (;

    You're safe to watch Movie Wars after episode 13 (Aired December 6). Movie Wars premiered December 12. (Episode 14 aired the day after)
    Hey, I've read that previous post of yours with my daitrombe link leading to the So Close Yet So Far Short Vocal Ver. I'm actually glad you found it, that one isn't getting much attention lately *other than the number of downloads*, I'm almost certain that it's in a OST of SRW A Portable *if there is one*, I haven't forgotten about the song, it's just so hard to find but I'm not quiting just yet. I'll mail you the daitrombe link to the full ver. if I find it. Or you could just go to my youtube profile (narutokid2) to see if it's there.
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