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  • his color scheme is that of den-o lol. i don't like the helmet or chest armor. looks ugly to me. i knew he was going to have a ring gimmick. hopefully it won't attract me meaning i won't need to waste $ on his belt and rings
    i bought this used but in good condition aqua blue 3ds for $200. it came with super mario 3d land, star fox 64 3d, and mario kart 7. it is also a ambassador 3ds! even more free games!

    i got a good deal with this
    oh i see. i got a 3ds btw. got like 5 games for it and i redeemed my club nintendo coins today for that 3ds card case so i can store the games in.
    they are reselling the windscale down jacket and trench coat! also comes in a black trench coat! i am so going to get that grey trench coat! i may get a new down jacket if the one i got from auctions isn't damaged.
    not yet but will give it a read. btw, i just started work again last friday. can't wait to get that money!
    nekohentai seems to be down and no one knows how long or if it will come back. know any other places?
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