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    Favorite Drive Rider

    Just like the title says, who is your favorite Kamen Rider from Drive?
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    What is your LEAST favorite Gokaiger?

    As we all now know, Gokaiger is awesome. And everyone has their favorites, most seem to favor Captain Marvelous. But what about the member of the team that just isn't doing it for you? Maybe you space out a bit during scenes that heavily involve this character, or maybe the sound of their...
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    Rift: Planes of Telara

    YouTube - Rift: Planes of Telara - Unveil TrailerAnyone thinking of checking this out? I've been playing the closed beta, and I think it's great. It plays much like World of Warcraft or Warhammer but it's super smooth and has really nice looking graphics. Plus the Rifts are awesome...
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    KamenGrappler Gaia Memory Thread

    So as a couple of you may know, I'm giving heavy thought to purchasing the Complete Selection Gaia Memory Case -- that's IF I'm able to sell off a number of the memories. I'll be selling them 1 for 15 dollars or 2 for 22.50 dollars. Free Shipping in America.They're all for sale except...
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    Which Daikaiju series do you prefer, Ultraman or Godzilla?

    Not who would win in a fight, but which series do you enjoy watching more?UltramanorGodzilla?
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    Dopant Injection Port

    Does anyone have a clear image of the little connector/injection port that the dopants have in Kamen Rider W?I'm going to get a tattoo of it, so the clearer the better. Thanks in advance!
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    Ohayocon 2010

    This is a video my friend Mark made of our adventures at this years Ohayocon -- it's pretty funny, and there's a little bit o' Kamen Rider stuff in it here and there.
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    GoOn Gold vs TheBee (Yaguruma)

    It's Hidenori Tokuyama versus himself in this battle of Gold Warriors. Who would win, the low-key ESPer Twin GoOn Gold or or the "Perfect Harmony" loving Zect Soldier Kamen Rider TheBee?Only stipulations to make things interesting, TheBee can't clock up, and GoOn Gold can't use Toripter or...
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    HeatMetal vs. Dogga

    Who would win in a fight between W in HeatMetal form and Kiva in Dogga Form?
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    Do You Smoke?

    Are you a cigarette smoker?
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    Dragon vs. Dragon (Ryuki vs. Den-O)

    Who would win?!?edit: feh! I forgot to add a poll
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    DecaDriver Cards

    It seems quite a few of us have the DecaDriver, and lots of Rider toys being released right now have DecaDriver cards included with them, so this is the thread to display the cards you've managed to obtain (besides the 10 that came with the belt)I'll go firstI've got a couple more final...
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    Motion Revive srs 2 for $12 at HLJ rider figs for 12 bucks, can't beat that.:castlerock:
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    Arc and Rei

    anyone seen these yet? They looked pretty sweet.
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    Favorite Kabuto Rider

    Who is your favorite Kabuto Rider?