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  • Hahahhaha. I love it when she turns into Kamen Rider so much. I so lol'd.
    You should have expected a comment... many of them. :p
    We're way too awesome. :p
    If that so, then let me ask a serious question: If I upgrade to windows 7, I was told that I'll be no longer watching my shows in HD. I'm here to ask a very hard question to make sure that I'm in peace with windows 7 or not.


    Why are you remodeling the workplace? Just asking, that's all. Let me ask you the question, do you have windows 7?
    You know who! Queen! She's the one you told me about, my jaws was literally hitting on the floor, hurting my feet even more! Oh, you have both parties today and tomorrow? Looking like you're having a awesome weekend, that's for sure.

    Funny pictures? Can I see it?
    OH! You caught me off guard!

    Where were you when the news broke one week and two days ago, to be exactly? The entire fandom was celebrated without you! Knowing that you're so pumped up, I'm sure that you are.

    Anyways, since you asked, I'll have to going back to work on my scripts, hoping that BBC will buy my scripts, that is. It's called, "Universal Lords". I try not to connect with DW's universe, but it's appeared to be inevitable now.

    Right now I'm editing them, it should be done and ready to import into PDF today at this hour or next.

    How are you? HEYYY!! How come you never told me how HOT FQ?!?!
    LOL. I've gotta to play that game soon rather than later on. Anyways..I understand what's going on with you, that is, summer's getting close. Time sure goes fast. Whew..I need a long rest now.

    My eyes is too full of water, I need a long rest. But I'm torrenting this nearly 100 minutes scene. It's going to take for a while. How boring.
    Took you long enough, my friend.

    Glad to hear that you got God of Wars 3, how was it? Is it awesome? So are you staying here for good or do you have to leave?
    You're welcome, man.

    Knowing that movie seems very long, but it's so worth to download this. Super thanks to Vuze for speeding that up right before 10:30pm last monday night. Anyways, I'm downloading Armor Hero from Chinese Drama. So far, it's getting very interesting, but I'm awaiting for them to releasing more episodes and two movies as well!

    Hmm..I'm wondering if there's new armor hero series for this year? Or just this series only? Somehow, Armor hero reminds me of Kamen Rider, you really should watch it! It has some power rangers feel to it.

    Anyhow..what are you up to, my friend? Anything new with you so far?
    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

    I can tell that you're jealous that I got it before anyone else does! But, hey, that movie is very much like Digimon the movie nine years ago. Seriously, it's really good.

    Oh, yeah! That movie's subbed. If you wanna to know soooooo badly..I will PM you. I can't let anybody found out that I got it!:D
    How many asian friends so you have, my friend?! :laugh:

    And how can I remind you of an old friend? I'm just being myself..:laugh:
    I couldn't agree with you more. You'd be surprised that there are nice people in Japan, trust me on that one. My good friend, he's black himself, he went to do his shopping thing, next thing that he knew, dozens of hot chicks went to hit on him.

    Despite that he's married to Japanese chick, they were chatted up for a bit, that got me so damn jealous..that's why I must move to live in Japan! Hell..I don't want people of Japan thinks that I'm out here to bang them in a dirty thought, but I'm not. I'm out here to do my projects, that's all.

    Oh, "Justice" thing, don't worry about it. I think it's more appropriate to deliver that final seal of this story, "Justice Hero: Final Fury", to close that final chapter of "Spirit Hero Series."
    EEEHHH? You find something funny about the name? What does that reminds you of, my friend? And I can't believe that he hates Japan! Well, not all people are impolite in Japan, that's god's honest truth right there!

    I mean..come on...I don't hate Japan..I've been wanting to live in Japan since of that young age I grew up! Of course, to meeting lots of hot chicks there, not out to bang them, but to knowing them better.

    I love to make new friends.
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