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  • yeah I heard that he was really pissed at the pyro guy...I think the dude was found dead the next day with his neck in 2....lol that would be awesome.
    but the undertaker ran
    what instrument do you play?
    I also got a friend that is a HUGE wrestling fan...the undertaker cough on fire
    I am know as DIO by many of my friends (forgot how it started) I live in the US. but I was born in Peru. I'm talented in art, but I don't brag even if people think I do, I don't. I work at taco bell. my uncle is the regional manager, the general manager hates me. I'm good at what I do in taco bell. I worked there for 3 years. I might go to college after summer. I have a girlfriend right now, she comes to these forums. we are both into Kamen Rider. I love Den-O and I like all the other series, I have yet to finish Hibiki, Ryuki, Blade and Faiz. I'm also into Super Sentai. I loved Shinkengers. I collect S.H Figuarts of Kamen Riders and other random figuarts.
    I read a lot of manga. I can read up to 70 chapters a day (17-20 pages per chapter) I'm a fast reader and I love manga. I read up to 60+ manga and finished some of them and still reading some ongoing manga.

    how about you?
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