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    [SELLING] DX Rider and Sentai Roleplay Items

    DX Kamen Rider Kiva IXA Knuckle & Belt - $60 USD DX Kamen Rider Decade Decadriver with Korean cards (Decadriver is Bandai Japan) - $40 USDDX Kamen Rider OOO Medajalibur & Tajya Spinner with Cell Medals (no Cores) - $80 USD DX Kamen Rider Fourze Billy the Rod with Elec Switch - $15 USD DX Kamen...
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    [SELLING] DX OOO, Fourze, Akibaranger Items & J-Stars Victory VS

    boxed DX TaJya Spinner with Kujaku Cell Medal = $40 USD, plus shipping boxed DX Medajalibur with all 3 included Cell Medals = $65 USD, plus shippingOR DX Medajalibur with DX TaJya Spinner and included Cell Medals = $90 USD, plus shippingall 40 Switches (Magnet N and S are the candy toy...
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    [BUYING] Shodophone Pouch and Hiden Disc Buckle

    Looking for these! They don't need to be mint or anything.
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    [BUYING] Akibaranger MMZ-01 Moe Moe Z-Cune OR MMZ-02 Munya Munya Zubaan

    Akibaranger MMZ-01 Moe Moe Z-CuneLooking for this to complete a Nobuo Akagi cosplay! Thanks!
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    Kaiser Somme's Sales Thread

    This Kamen Rider Hibiki set includes Hibiki Tuning Fork, Ibuki Whistle, Todoroki Brace, and Hibiki Belt & Ongekibou Rekka - $80 USD with shipping and batteries included SOLD!DX 4-Form Change Kamen Rider Kiva and RHS Kamen Rider Saga Sofubi - $45 CAD with shipping includedSoul of Sofubi...
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    Fourze Switches and DX Weapons

    I'm looking for Switches 6, 9, 11, 14 - 17, 23 - 29, and 32 - 40.Also would like Billy the Rod with Switch 10, HeeHack Gun with Switch 20, NS Magphone with Switches 30 & 31, and the Barizun Sword.Also, an Astro Switch Kaban or the Aluminum Switch Case or pre-order for the Switch Rack...
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    Digimon Xros Wars Xros Loader

    I'm hearing that it's being discontinued. 1000 yen on Japanese sites and on clearance, so I'd like to try getting my hands on one.
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    Sakanamaru, Ika Origami, Tajya Spinner and Gokai Spear

    Anyone have these? I'm in Canada!
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    MagiRanger MagiShine Phone Strap/Keychain

    I've been looking for this forever! Anyone have one?
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    DX Den-O and Kiva Items

    SOLD! Thanks for the interest!I live in Canada. Shipping not included, will be probably an extra $25 or so, depending on your choice.
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    Shinkenger Origami

    Just the main five that form Shinken-Oh? Does anyone have these? My sister wants to get them for her boyfriend. :c
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    DX Tajya Spinner and Medal Sets

    DX Tajya Spinner, Medal Case, and Medal Sets (T2 Joker as well)Anyone have these or should I ask middlemen? cstoys is sold out!As for the T2 Joker, I keep missing sales by just hours. ):Thanks!
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    DX Kabuto/Hopper Zecter, Zectmizer, Lost Driver, OOO Driver, T2 Joker & Belt Extender

    Anyone willing to part with these? Thanks!
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    DX Kabuto Zecter, Dark Kabuto Zecter, Zectmizer, Hopper Zecter and OOO Driver

    DX Kabuto/Dark Kabuto/Hopper Zecter, Zectmizer, OOO Driver, T2 Joker & Belt ExtenderDoes anyone have any of these for cheap? Thanks!
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    Any tokufans going to Animethon in Edmonton?

    I'm looking for a cohost to help run my toku/henshin heroes panel!