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  • Twilight may have ruined vampires but at least it made vampires one of the most romantic creatures that fiction has ever written. Now back to Touhou, as I have said before, is a game that has the "Fantasy Kitchen Sink" trope all it's way and that is also another or must be the primary reason why am I such a fanboy at.

    It is not a bastardization of Ryuki my friend, rather it is a glorified Ryuki by giving back the spirit of Kamen Rider to each and every Kamen Riders present there. Seriously speaking, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight brought back the "Train to become more powerful" stuff that Ryuki didn't do. The purpose of the questions is to serve as a guide to how Kamen Riders should've acted based upon the spirit of KR's doing. The only acceptable Good VS Evil Kamen Rider was Kamen Rider Black's Black Sun VS Shadowmoon for it is more justified but Ryuki failed to do it by adding nonsense and no purpose at all other than promoting the merchandising of the show.
    Let me ask this question now, are all of the Kamen Riders of Ryuki really deserving to earn the title of "Kamen Rider" basing upon their own actions in the show? Can they be called "Riders" if the majority owns no bike? Can we consider a "Battle Royale" an act of Kamen Rider? Rest assured, we already know the obvious answer.

    Wrong there, the truth here is that KRDK is NOT produced by 4kids, RATHER it is produced by a joint action of Adness, Ishinomori Productions and the Toei Company LTD. 4kids was just allowed to air it.
    Well, I am definitely a Touhou fan but not a hikkomori. Well, judging from what's going on with Touhou, I think he may be or just putting various stuffs together just for fun. Sure the game is danmaku of cute girls whether humans (Sanae for example) or fairies (Cirno f.e.) or youkais (Yukari f.e.) or even vampires (Remilia f.e.) and a whole lot more but I think this was meant for putting some more of it's awesomeness.

    Watch the entire show yourself for you will find DK more awesome than what you perceived. The pacing is just cool with episodes 5 & up and the plot itself is generic but became the pavement for the big "Old School Formula" that Kamen Rider has missed for a very long time. The transformation of both human and machine for example and the comeback of a terrible villain with the "Fight for Justice" line for all of the original Kamen Riders plus 3 Earth Riders present there.
    Because it is true! Wing and Dragon Knight really had a lot of similarities with the 1go and 2go tandem. WK plays as 1go of the series as well as double playing as Stronger for Siren is like the Kamen Rider X while double playing as Electro Wave Tackle while DK plays 2go. Eubulon clearly played Riderman by origin, he was a scientist who went against his general's orders right? Speaking of which, KRDKs overall performance was just on time to those who actually considered the values of Kamen Rider is.

    What really made Kabuto as such was that they had more budget and time in planning but KRDK sadly fell with just half budget as compared to that of any Power Ranger episodes which in turn may or may not be any cheaper than a Japanese Kamen Rider episode. This is why DK got that stuff but then Dragon Knight really brought back the spirit of Kamen Rider in reality.
    But it doesn't apply to otakus here in the Philippines. Take note, a super high level otaku can stay home or go with his "barkada" or friends and enjoy things outside the "otakuness" of his as if he's a normal guy in places of recreation or job with skills. Look at some of the stars of anime and tokusatsu, some of them knows how to sing, dance, even cook foods and so on and so forth. I am not an idiot since I do know how to do things in and out of being an otaku, rest assured I am perfectly sane but just got deeply hooked somehow into Japanese stuffs.

    Touhou characters may or may not be intended for it but then due to the "Self Fanservice" and "Flanderization" that occur within the fandom... then the fanservice came up.
    Dragon Knight's suit work was fine and that the action really was superb with those. As for the plot, it may have been generic however it was so Showa inspired and that from the beginning to end, it was a great feast of "feast of Old Schoolness". The biggest feat that DK have is the return of the "SKR Formula" in some ways.

    -The rebellious scientist (Eubulon) is somehow a reflection of Riderman.
    -Wing Kamen and Dragon Knight are like the Ichigou and Nigou of the show.
    -The transformation of both man and machine into Kamen Rider and Rider bikes.
    -The return of a diabolical villain that really gives terror to all that comes near him.
    -The 8-Rider (add Eubulon) infiltration of the enemy's base is like the old school New Kamen Rider: 8 Riders VS Galaxy King Movie. And so much more.
    Well, certainly I am thinking properly but is just that I am really an otaku with a level 7 out of 10 (7 only since I admit that I do not have any attendance to cosplays and have a lot of Anime, Manga, Tokusatsu, Vocaloid and J-Game items currently in my possessions' list). Although the art sucks as compared to the fanarts, nonetheless, Touhou's characters really gave a big appeal to the otaku fandom.

    I do see what they are talking about. DK, rest assured really was not well planned as it should've been for the budget and time constraints that it have during the production. I admit that Dragon Knight had some actors that didn't act well but there are some who actually pulled it off. Take G. Xaviax for example.
    Well, I've got to admit. I am one of those open minded people who also thinks properly. Whosoever said that "Let's be open-minded, but not so open minded that our brains fall out" has wisdom.

    In terms of soundtracks, TRUE! Very true that KRDK sucks because it lacked local and/or Japanese band support... Only when defspiral came did Dragon Knight's opening beats that of Ryuki's. Seriously, Dive into the Mirror>>>>>>>>>Alive a Life BIG TIME! Although, not to put Ryuki down for I do believe and accept that Ryuki had one of the best innovations that Kamen Rider ever had... Only to be ruined by the "Battle Royale" system included.
    Aw man! That sucks real time! TvTropes is fun IMHO, it's where "wiki-ing" around gets a comical treatment. I have to say, there are those lovers and there are those haters of Touhou. The lovers are those open-minded otakus while the haters are those who are not open-minded. Seriously, Touhou deserved better than what it is today.

    KRDK didn't actually ruin Ryuki, it just gave Ryuki a justification of how each Rider should do his job while making sure that all Riders are found in one show instead of having multiple stories just to fill in the blanks. Well, I am somehow prepared to their assault though, I won't hold back against those who claimed that DK ruined Ryuki.
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