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    Emerald City Comicon 2014....Judgement Time

    My favorite time of year is almost upon us my friends! At the end of the month, thousands of people will descend on Seattle for the annual comicon.As always, I'll be there again in costume. Although this year I won't be in my Ghostbusters gear, that I've worn for the past 4 years. I'm also...
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    [Video Game] PAX '13....The Aftermath

    This is the first year PAX is 4 days (Friday through Monday) and also the first year that I'm only attending 2 days (Saturday & Sunday).As always PAX is a sensory overload jam packed with people that spend hours upon hours in a line to play 10mins of a game.The two big games were...
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    [Video Game] 1st HJU Game Time!!!

    So last night we had the 1st of HJU Game Knights presents: Community Game Time!Lots of fun was had throwing down in Big Team Slayer.Here's some pics!They boys are back in town....Keith, myself, & Matrix getting ready to rip into some Reds...Keith & myself tearing it up in a rocket...
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    [Video Game] HALO 4 Game Time Right Now!!

    Come join the fun with your fellow HJU Game Knights for some Halo 4 action!If you've never played with us before, send a send a friend request to gamertag: Brath Attack, Keith Justice, or Rockey004. Include your HJU name so we know who it is!
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    [Video Game] HJU Community Game Time Inbound!

    In years past HJU has had a (kind of) annual Thanksgiving Day Halo game event.Well Keith and I want to resurrect that idea, but not just limit it to once a year (when we even remembered hold it lol).So we're gong to be starting a HJU community play date and we need your help!Right now...
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    [BUYING] MOTU Classics King He-Man

    Okay, I realize this is going to be a longshot, but the deal I already had fell through.So if any kind soul out there that bought the MOTU Classics subscription, but doesn't give a crap about King He-Man I am willing to take it off your hands for as close to cost as humanly possible. You can...
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    What Nerdy Things Have You Named Your Electronic Devices?

    I have a PC named HAL 9000, a USB drive named Jarvis, & my phone is named Braver Zero-One.
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    Injustice: Gods Among Us. Neversoft's New DC Fighting Game

    Neversoft made an announce trailer today for their new fighting game featuring your favorite DC characters beating the snot out of each other.This is what Gamespot had to say,
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    Seattle Now Has A Super Villain

    Well it was bound to happen.We in Seattle have a "super hero" by the name of Phoenix Jones and now we have a "super villain" by the name of Rex Velvet.Rex Velvet | Seattle Super Villain Calls Out Phoenix Jones - YouTube
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    CSToys' YouTube Channel

    I've been a subscriber to their channel forever, but recently my new videos page has been spammed by all their boxing videos. Didn't they have a special channel for all these vids, and if they did...what happened to it?
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    It's That Time Again! Emerald City Comicon 2012

    Day 1.Was not in costume today so I could get things signed easier. Got everything signed that I needed to....except for a couple of things that I'll have to try to get over the rest of the weekend.Me with Bruce TimmMe with John DiMaggio who signed my Bender toy (says AKA Bender Bending...
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    [SELLING] Selling Old & Rare Sentai/Kamen Rider/Power Ranger Toys! Now w/ Dragon Ceasar!

    If you're going to buy stuff...why not buy it from me!Terms & Rules -All items are owned by a collector (me) and have been displayed, but not played with. This means that your purchase might come with extra special collectable dust! -I will combine shipping on multiple items. -PM me if you...
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    Who gave me the Mechanic Baird Skin in Gears 3?

    I deleted all the messages on my Xbox Live and I can't remember who it was for the life of me.I have the Commando Dom skin to give you if you want it.
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    Casey Jones the Movie is now online!

    Your lives are now're welcome!Seriously, this fan movie is all sorts of badass! :castlerock:
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    "Green with Envy" trailer released!

    It's Time To Play The Music. It's Time To Light The Lights.It's time to get things started on the Muppet Show tonight!The first trailer for the new Muppet Movie has been released! loves me some Muppets, so I say YES! :castlerock: