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  • for Ryuki, i should have decks, for toys "only"
    these where released in 2 series of decks, in 2002,
    with 1 rare hologram card in the series, yes i only carry brand new unused
    but they didnt sell sets, you had to buy trading cards and assemble them
    the rare stuff are the complete dx box sets,blck version,and finding early robots complete, and also the large dx robots
    yes pre gogo five, are getting hard to find, prices are extremly high on early stuff, i have all of it but like 3 robots, id love to put it out, and display, almst 30 large boxes full,
    i do have an extra fiveman robo(star in the box) 285.00 plus 15 shipping, i also have an extra jumbo max maguma for 400. plus shippping, the rare one is the big brother combination dx box set
    I really want to have is the changers. but how much are the mech these days especially fiverobo and starfive
    still have to get the wii ultra glaxy game, then i own all the ultraman games for ps1-2 and wii, lots of pinchinko games too
    ultraman,and ultra-7
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