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  • ah, cool. sounds pretty neat
    could you then maybe reserve the fifth spot for me?
    dont have much time in my hands till the mid of the week, so i'll fill in the details then :p
    hey man, just gave that thread a read. looks kinda interesting but im not very familiar with how RPGs work in this forum :sweat:

    could you explain to me a lil about it before i decide? :p
    thx for sending me the invite, btw :anime:
    I apologize if you didn't get a chance to play.

    Thing is....I could only generate so much interest. =_=
    Good! Because I from the beginning, hates such actions that deprive my peace lover self from high activity. So if you post something, please don't call me immature because I am already mature and someone who is Spirit-Powered.
    Hi JSF-san! I thought that I drop by to see how everyone was doing that was online now before heading out
    No, its not ok especially since your trying to claim Ollin and Skarr which is an asshole move
    Only thing I had going for Karasu is psycho, and Kazuma is just to kind to do mostly anything. But in all honesty it's getting boring.
    Ahhh I know that feeling well. Anyways your officially Kiva once again just in case you were wondering
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