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    Kaijuu Sentai Suiseiger / Sea Beasts Task Force Suiseiger / 海獣戦隊スイセイジャー

    hey guys!! it's been 5-6 years since I last posted a new episode but I thought I'd drop by for the first time in I dunno gawd how long to say that Suiseiger isn't dead. I know most of you think it is but it's not. Suiseiger has been my best work out of all the fanfics I've written since my...
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    [Anime] Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Project: New Digimon Adventure Series next spring!"Spring 2015. Yagami Taichi, 17 years old, high school student. A new story.":buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:
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    [J-DRAMA] GTO 2nd Season

    after we had a remake series back in 2012, along with its Autumn SP, New Year SP and Graduation SP... Onizuka-sensei returns with a 2nd season! this summer, he works at his old school in Shonan with a new assistant teacher (portrayed by Higa Manami) and a new class. Ryusei Ryo (KyoryuRed/Daigo)...
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    2015: Goranger's 40th Anniversary

    as we all know, both Gavan and Kikaider were given the revival/reboot treatment by Toei on their anniversary. Goranger will officially turn 40 next year, but do you think they'll also be given the reboot treatment? I actually hope they do because it's something I've been wanting to see for years.
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    [J-TALK] Yui Koike (GokaiPink/Ahim de Famille) retired from the entertainment industry?

    first, we had the sudden disappearance of Rika Sato and now? it's Yui Koike's turn. though for her case, it wasn't "OMG SHE SUDDENLY VANISHED INTO THIN AIR!" on her August 1 blog post, she announced that her contract with her talent agency, Four Springs, has officially was no lie. I...
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    [J-DRAMA] How did you get into J-drama?

    since there has been several threads asking about how fans got into watching Tokusatsu, I thought why not for J-dramas too? anyways...back in 2006, Malaysia brought in both of the live action Death Note movies and I went to check 'em out... becoming a huge fan of Toda Erika (who portrayed...
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    Shougeki Gouraigan?? New Tokusatsu Hero created by Inoue Toshiki

    EDIT: thanks for fixing the typo, HK Andy!Official Site TV Tokyo Official SiteTitle: Shougeki Gouraigan / 衝撃ゴウライガン Episodes: 13 Air Date: Fall 2013 (October 4~) Genre: Love Comedy Action Battle Hero Director: Amemiya Keita (GARO) Script: Inoue Toshiki (Chojin Sentai Jetman, Kamen Rider...
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    What if a Sentai team was...

    ...made up of 4 girls and 1 guy? and no, I'm not accepting "It would be like Akibaranger, but with two additional girls." for an answer. reason why I'm asking is because I'm planning to write a fanfic with this line-up, but I was wondering what would the dynamics be like if Sentai really did...
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    [J-DRAMA] Kamen Teacher, a cross between GTO and Kamen Rider.

    Kamen Teacher Trailer Subbed?????????? ??? - YouTubethe manga was also created by GTO's creator, Fujisawa Tohru. basically, same storyline as GTO but with Kamen Rider's influence added in. :buttrock: hopefully somebody uploads this J-drama. I know it's the typical high school J-drama plot, but...
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    Jacky attends Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Press Conference @ Tokyo Dome Prism Hall

    sooooo, this is my article regarding the press conference that was held this weekend. enjoy? :sweat:
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    Jacky visits Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Cafe @ Akihabara

    I visited the cafe yesterday afternoon and this is my article regarding the cafe made from the Akibarangers' delusion. prize giving contest will also be held but I'll reveal the details again. :)
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    Who was your childhood Power Rangers crush?

    I've been in a Power Rangers mood lately (no thanks to Gobusters) and rediscovering my childhood crushes by watching random episodes...Trini was my first childhood crush, followed by Kat, Cassie and Dana... though I admit I crushed on Cassie the hardest among them back in the day. I even...
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    [J-DRAMA] Summer Rescue ~Tenkuu no Shinryosho~, I think I haven't seen a medical drama like this since Code Blue? Bull Doctor was also a medical drama, but it was more of a medical investigation. anyway, saw this tonight and thought it was interesting. I thought this was gonna be like Code Blue...
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    Is Fukuzawa done with suit acting?

    as of this year, Fukuzawa has debuted as an action director. the previous Red suit actor, Niibori Kazuo, was the action director for Zyuranger, which I didn't know until I started the series last week and saw his name in the opening credits. so does this mean that somebody else is going to be...
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    What do you do when you have too many ideas?

    I've been writing fanfics since around early 2005 and back then, I didn't have problems writing 2 stories at the same time or 2 episodes within one week until around 3 years ago when I finally burnt out. nowadays, I get both writer's block and inspirations way too easily. I currently have two...