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  • yeah i remember you gave me a link a while back. is it at the same place?

    im planing to re-start mine in a bit, but im still working things out. im going for something different.
    That sucks.

    You're probably not looking for any help but if you ever need to bounce a couple of ideas off of somebody let me know
    I was wondering, how is the Eve movie coming along?
    you jacky, can you pls add me up to your buddy list? tnx in advance and have yourself a happy new year.
    Thats cool.
    I still have a year left here in California.
    Class of '10 :castlerock:
    I live in Malaysia.
    we enter secondary school (high school) at 13 and finishes at 17.
    we can go to college at 18.
    what! u just finished High school? your like a year older then me, where do u live?
    KAGEKI: thanks. it's cool. I've just finished high school and my long holidays are boring. I won't start college 'till 23rd March. -.-

    Aoiblue: LOL. shhh! :p
    Accepted. The first girl I ever accepted from lol.

    Anyways, how's it going?
    Well, i am currently working till the end of the year as a lab assistant while waiting to be enlisted to the army next year ... work life is very tough and next year will be even worst >_<

    All the best for SPM btw :)
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