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    Small doubt on suit actors and acting.

    Does anyone know if the suit actors act for real when they're filiming? I mean do they say the scripted lines as if they were recording? Or do they just use the lines as reference to time the scenes? Trying to picture a suit actor using the speech patterns of a monster is funny; or better yet...
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    Saburo Hatte and Goseiger

    I was watching Goseiger recently and realized episodes 19 and 33 were written by Saburo Hatte, the collective pseudonym made (in)famous by Akibaranger. Incidentally, both were very important episodes. 19 was about Gosei Knight joining them giving birth to Gosei Ground and 33 was the first...
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    About action scenes in toku

    That´'s something i´ve always wondered. Action sequences in this genre are not like your usual movie flick, given the use of many different gadgets, toys they have to promote and the likes, everything needs to fit the story while trying not to ruin the flow. The action scenes as we see, is...