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    S.H.Figuarts - News and Reviews

    Previous ThreadPlaces to Buy FiguartsAmazon AmiAmi Angolz Big in Japan CS Toys Japan Hobby Link Japan Mandarake Otacute Toys"R"UsMiddleman ServicesOkinawamToySeller Thread, Web RiderProxy: Thread Yokatta: Thread, Web Tokyo Hunters: WebTamashii PagesS.H.Figuarts Release List Bandai...
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    Rider Break! Episode 12: Dodging Questions

    It's the end of the year, and I've got a whole lot to answer for!Listen Here!Rider Break! on iTunesThanks for listening!
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    Advent Card Archives

    Awwww yeah. first two questions are1) Will they include the Abyss cards and if not 2) When's Decade coming?
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    The S.H.Figuarts Thread's Sixth Ranger

    And here we go again. Previous Thread
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    RIP Araki Shigeru (Kamen Rider Stronger) heard rumors on twitter a couple hours ago, now got official word. Due to complications of pneumonia, he was 63. :disappoin
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    Awesome Toy Pics - Post your action pictures here!

    The Previous ThreadAnd now begins act II.EDIT:Please resize images! For multiple images use Hide Tags!-Dark Kabuto
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    Toy Hauls - What have you bought Recently?

    And here we go.Previous Thread Here
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    Kamen Rider Fourze Discussion Thread 2.0

    The Story:Meet Our Intrepid Characters!Gentarô Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze - The newcomer hero of the show who is determined to make everyone else at Amanogawa his friend, even by Fourze (see what I did there? See? See?) He sets up the Kamen Rider Club and has a hairstyle that looks like...
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    S.I.C. Thread - News and Reviews

    And here we go!Previous Thread
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    Happy Birthday jay_tigran & Cirno!

    Happy Birthday guys! :happybirt
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    Happy Birthday alternate-zer0 & Geki night!

    Happy Birthday guys! Hope you enjoy the day :happybirt
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    Happy Birthday KamenRiderZheneraru!

    Hope you have a great day! :happybirt
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    Happy Birthday Undrave, Storm Eagle & RockRed!

    Happy Birthday guys! :happybirt
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    S.H.Figuarts Thread: G4!

    And here we go (again.)
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    Ishinomori comics in English

    Apparently, now via an app: anyone else heard about this? It's pretty cool, though I do wonder how the translations are.