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  • Heya. I'm sure you get a bunch of these messages (obviously looking at your recent profile messages), but your blog is awesome. The depth and creativity of each entry is engaging, but it isn't so over the top on detail that I feel like it's a term paper. So yeah... keep it up. :)
    You're going to have to PM it to me for me to read it, Keith set that other one up and I can't log into it.
    Oh! Yeah that's fine, I will be posting a new one this weekend when I see it again, but you can repost that.

    I didn't realize other people could see this thing. XP
    He's askin if he can repost your mvoie review on his blog, with your permission. Sorry for the intrusion, but I noticed you didnt knew what he was sayin, so...:)
    Hola.. queria saber si puedo publicar tu resumen de la pelicula de kamen rider en mi blog claro con tu permiso.
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