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    I emailed you dude... get back to me. The internet misses you.
    Hey Iga, I haven't seen you around and just wanted to let you know that I hope you're doing ok!
    Yo man. You shouldn't have to leave because of people being assholes to you. I remember when you first started your blogging and stuff back in the early 2000's. You and August Ragone have inspired me to write down my opinions and blog as well. Ignore all the negative. You are a positive part of this fandom. I would hate to see you leave because of assholes.
    Would you be interested in being a Kamen Rider reporter for the CSToys blog? It's nothing too difficult, just if you see or hear anything interesting just post it when you have time. No problem if you can't. :)
    I dunno. I was bored and I was trying to get you to post in there so I had a quick link to read your W movie review. It was all a big joke.
    Hey dude, I have a question for ya. Not sure if you'd be interested or have the time. Just let me when ya get this. :p
    Is there a website where I can read the original Kamen Rider Mangas that Ishinomori wrote?
    Better yet, is there a website where I can read any manga written and drawn by Ishinomori? Doesn't have to be in English, I major in Japanese.
    I want that Gaia Memory... :(
    Think you'll have it in the next 12 hours? ^__^
    Podcast is almost ready. I sent you an email regarding the needed graphic.
    So! I know we don't really talk much, but I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough week and hopefully things go smoother for you!
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