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  • The camera I use is Sony Cybershot DSC-T300, 10.1 megapixels.
    It's somewhat old now. I got it about 2 years ago. :sweat:
    hi i live in makiki, how much do you want i have cases, boxed and open,
    masked rider, sentai, godzilla,ultraman,transformers pvc, and others, as well as large amount of gasphons i go to japan often, some kuuga, some agito, almst all ryuka, to den-o, and most of kiva, i also have alot of rare stuff too, i specialize in it, also look, masked rider, my store is john96822. no decade yet, i am one of the largest private maksed irder collectors in hawaii. have kikaida too
    Rangerboard. I bought a Kuuga bike from him and saw he wanted someone to buy this. I doubt anyone else will buy those guys.
    Someone was selling it I thought you might want it. But I guess you could ask the seller if they'd ship it over seas.
    lol, what did i ever do to you, lol, its easier for me, to use yahoo ok, never used photobucket, if yr serious and looking for something let me knw,
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