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    ToQger Brazilian Opening - Finally!

    My fan version:ToQger Opening - Brazilian Portuguese (FanVersion) - YouTubeHope you like it!
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    Dynaman Opening - Brazilian Fan Version!

    Dynaman Brazilian OP (Portuguese) - YouTube
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    Goranger Brazilian Opening Theme

    Goranger Brazilian Opening Theme - Fansing - YouTubeMy fan version!
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    Saint Seiya Omega 3rd Opening - Brazilian Version

    Adapted and sung by me:Saint Seiya Omega Op 3 - Brazilian Fan Version - YouTubeHope you like it!
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    Brazilian version of Gokaiger's Opening Theme!

    Hope you like this version that I have made:Gokaiger Brazilian Opening Theme - Fan Version - YouTube
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    "VAMO LÃ! Kyoryuger" - Brazilian version of Kyoryuger's opening theme

    Why listen only to "VAMOLA" when you can listen to the entire song in Portuguese? :PVAMO LÃ! Kyoryuger (Brazilian Version of "VAMOLA! Kyoryuger") - YouTube
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    Gokaiger OP - Brazilian Version

    Once more, my Brazilian version of Gokaiger's YT doesn't delete it again! And also hope you like it, of course!
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    Gaoranger Brazilian Opening!

    This is a fan version made by me:Gaoranger Brazilian Opening - FANDUB - YouTubeI hope they don't take my video down again as they have done with my Brazilian version of Gokaiger.I also hope you enjoy this version!!
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    Gokaiger Brazilian Opening

    It's an unofficial version made by me:Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Brazilian Opening - Fandub - YouTubeHope you like it! And please comment!
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    Brazilian unofficial version of Goggle Five's opening theme

    Goggle Five Brazilian Opening (Fandub) - YouTubeMade by me! Just tell me if it sounds good for you!Thanks!