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    Street Fighter 6 reveals Game Modes and reveals 4 legacy characters

    Because of the Backlash, Ken is not divorced anymore. LOL
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    Frank Grillo and Dolph Lundgren set sail in OPERATION SEAWOLF

    Even while I am all for diversity, I cannot support the fact that this is historical revisionism. A film set during World War II in which the main character is a Nazi? During World War II, I don't recall there being any African Americans serving in the United States Navy.
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    A Friend of The Family – How much do you trust family friends?

    I know this story, I watched it in Dr. Phil Before. It is crazy because her parents got duped twice by the same person because they are that trusting and forgiving.
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    Resident Evil: Project W finally revealed by Dead by Daylight!

    There are rumors that Carlos and Sheva will be Legendary Skins!
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    CHAINSAW MAN Anime Tears Onto Your Screen This October

    One of the few trailers I've ever gone back to and watched over and over again. Something about this is so darn fun to see and hear. I really hope it comes out soon. Manga readers are the only ones who will understand how great this will be. Even though we're sure Mappa will do the story as well...
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    Ken Masters and Eliza Divorce, The break up that shook up the video game world

    He is BroKEN... Get it? BroKEN! sorry for my corny joke.
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    Miss Marvel is getting review bombed by self proclaimed Marvel Geeks

    The people you talk about OP, Are like those gamers who refuse to use female characters and play games with the female protagonist because they think it will make them less masculine. Toxic Masculinity! They are not secure in their sexuality.