Herman the German

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  • :C Just did yesterday. I thought you were taking a jab at me I am like *Put up all defenses*!!!!
    I'm not hopeless; I have a boyfriend and we love each other very much.
    Replied from SHOUTBOX:-

    "I can speak from experience when I say that "just ignore it" does not work for everyone. It's not like there's just a switch in yer head that allows you to tune out any and all negative input."

    "Likewise, not everyone's capable of controlling one's emotions just like that, especially when it's things temper-related."

    Exactly! The way that their posted on my youtube videos are way too inexcusable like they posted some kinda chain letter (You'll be kissing bla blablba) & an Anonymous link (Free Ipad & Free key to access for porn site) till they just keep spamming a lot which it's annoys me.
    Are you really a German person named Herman or is this just a pun? Inquiring minds want to know!!
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