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  • Now I am curious to read the rest for sure. :thumbs: Need to get back to doing that. XD lol I was on ep 11 I think, right? XD lol
    Same more or less. Having trouble right now just describing the Mobile Suits. Cause how do you describe something like that? It's not easy to do, and I could just say a humanoid-mobile suit I guess, maybe. Large scale battles are not that difficult to write per say, depending on how you go about it... describing every minute detail wouldn't be the right way to go in one though. Sometimes being vague helps in those senses, until you get to the key points of those fights, and the main characters battling other main characters. *shrugs*
    I hear ya, haven't been keeping up with it much either. Too busy, but I've watched some eps of Gaim... completely stopped on ToQ though for now, gonna dl the other eps I missed, and watch'em when i can... eventually. XD

    Yeah, it isn't easy... tried a few times before... but... yeah... didn't turn out so well either... So here's hoping. ;D
    Can always read the other 3-7 eps to catch up. :laugh: I'm pretty much doing some of that now, catching up on things. Gonna be busy tomorrow, so yeah. Hoping to get ep 8 started after a short break, and hoping this time it won't take weeks to complete. XD lol

    Nothing wrong with taking breaks from writing though. Sometimes you just need the time to re-charge and let the creative juices stew a bit, so to speak. Or marinate, maybe? XD lol

    God a Gundam Story I'm attempting. *shrugs* Gonna try a short run at least. Didn't get too many responses to the other ideas.. though my friend scikaiju liked the Garo idea more, since he's more of a Garo fan. *shrugs* Still, gonna try to make my custom Gundam eveentually to go along with the story though. :)
    Narutuki hasn't rushed in, broken it up and shouted "Damn you Dekeido! This is your fault! YOUR! FAULT!" and then Decade just says: "This might tickle a bit."

    Narutuki: "What?"
    ~FINAL FORM RAIDO...NAR-NAR-NAR-NARUTUKI!~ *Turns Narutuki into a camera or something* XD lol
    So he's still bouncing around in dimensions then. Cool. What did Xtreme turn into for his final form ride? XD Hopefully it wasn't too Extreme. XD lol
    So, what's been happening lately? I've been busy. XD Sadly not on writing on my story.. but am getting it done... little by little... it's getting there. :3 Just need tacos. XD lol

    Thinking of putting up some trailers for another project too, to see who's interested in reading what along with Kenkage. Worked out more of my Sentai idea... well gear wise and villain motives. :3
    Ummmm... yeah I think I'll just check out Kill La Kill then. Had me until you mentioned the incest part.. no thanks on that one. :p
    :thumbs: Cool, what's that anime like? XD I've heard of it... just never really looked into it. Though i want to check out Kill La Kill too.
    Been busy lately, though now I'm getting Episode 7 started. Had to take some time away, but now I'm back to getting it done. lol Hopefully there won't be too many distractions. XD

    How have you been? :3
    Well I'm sure it was important... and restored some person's faith in God... or the universe... or both. Can't go with humanity on that one. XD lol But all in all... I'm tired and I'm going to bed. So... night. XD
    Well it can't be when ya need drama. XD When it's a good day in a story, it's usually boring as crap. XD Ya need terror and mayhem to make things interesting.. to spice up characters lives... until the last story and then you can make it all fluffy and edible... and... what were we talking about? XD
    Noice. :thumbs: Hurray for getting stuff finished in one day. XD Well I got Kenkage ep 6 finished, my friend Jim got his HU2 ep 17 finished and you got Xtreme's latest ep finished. Today is a good day. :3
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