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    Orphan 2: First Kill, Body doubles made Isabelle Fuhrman a child again

    Her voice sounds off, she struggles to sound like the herself from the first movie.
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    Kamen Rider Tome

    Coming Soon. Do you believe in the Tales? The Greatest epic of all time is about to Begin. If this were a Wizard Rip off I would say it's story time, but it's not one for Tome isn't a Wizard.
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    Shukumei Sentai Aracanager Rollcall

    This my Attempt to create a normal Sentai RP and may be I will create one of Kamen Rider too before I redux my Super Sentai VS Kamen Rider Rp into a full blown Tokusatsu Wars RP. I created this RP idea in seconds so bear with with if the idea seems extremely incomplete at first. Long ago in a...
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    Kamen Rider Kyosei

    Coming soon.
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    Is their a way to really change titles?

    I edited mine but On top it still says the original version.
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    Looking for a Beta!

    I'm looking for a beta for my Fanfic.
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    Komafuinninjutsu Sentai Kageranger

    Yokaifuin Sentai Kageranger Yokaifuin Sentai Kageranger In the Feudal Era in Kyoto, a Man known as Zokumaru founded a clan of ninja called the Fuinhakumei(Sealing Twilight). He was born into a famous family Onmyoji and stole their Youkai Sealing Techniques, but Zokumaru grew corrupt and...
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    Kamen Rider Versus Super Sentai The Fanfic

    Since I can't get the RP version up for now. I making a Fanfic version. Preview: Mysterious Voice: Soon all will be under the control of us! Grunts: All hail Neo Shocker!
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    Kamen Rider W A to Z Subtitled

    Kamen Rider W A to Z Part 1 Subs Kamen Rider W A to Z Part 2 Subs Kamen Rider W A to Z Part 3 Subs Kamen Rider W A to Z Part 4 Subs Kamen Rider W A to Z Part 5 Subs
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    Best Sentai Final Villain of the Decade?

    I love them all! :D
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    Kamen Rider VS Sentai

    Coming soon...All Riders and Sentai and then some. Sneak peak The main villain group will be called "Neo Shocker". The end boss is both Sentai/Kamen Rider based I won't tell you in which they had their origin right now. Your free to create your own Riders, Sentai, etc.. . I got plenty of my...
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    Would anyone be interested in a Tokusatsu RP?

    Toei Only...Sentai and Kamen Rider.