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  • I will when I see some story. The intro just didn't tickle my fancy enough. After you've got the first part of the story down then I'll post a reply. Power to ya though and don't give up.
    I've looked at it, it looks like it has potential. Just watch your grammer a little more closely and maybe cut down on the termanologies a bit. They bog down the flow of things a little. That may just be me though and the fact I havn't slep yet. Just remember, all the most awsome abilities in the world don't mean squat if the reader doesn't care about the characters. Make people love the characters as much as you do and you'll bust alot of heads...figuratively speaking.
    I'm familiar with beta work, having done it before, but I'm not sure I want to take on the full responsibility for that. It's pretty demanding work on some levels when I've already got a project of my own I'm working on- what I don't have bogged down with real life, I have bogged down with games I'm running or participating in or fanfics I really should be working on. That said, I'm sure if you sent me drafts, I could take a look and give you a once-over- but I'm kind of a harsh beta, tbh. ^^;

    I also really don't know if I should care about the 'modes'- I mean, that's the easy part. Most toku fans can come up with a pretty decent Rider/Sentai system/attack, with the biggest issue being that a lot of them c/p. I'd be more concerned with how you're writing the characters and overall story, since those things will make or break the fanfic for you.
    Like I said, I like to see how other folks participate with them, but I'm not into being part of one myself.
    It helps me write my FanFics when I need to get inspired, that's all :)
    Nice of you to invite me, pal. But I don't play RP(G)s :sweat:
    Don't take it personally, it's just that I rather read how other people share their ideas and stuff with them. It helps with the flow of ideas and inspirations to how I write my FanFics :)

    Anywho, sorry mate
    I'm studying at home so I probably should not be on HJU at all! I will have time to read through the whole thing soon
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