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  • >.<

    try to promote it on your sig, maybe? Not sure if that's allowed or not.
    Crazy... but I'm professionally insane. :3 Also I did comment on it, sort of... more or less... just read it. :p Really should have more then what you have written if you want me or others to read it though, I prefer a complete episode if I am going to invest my team to read it. :)
    Okay. Say do like to roleplay? I've got a Digimon/Super Sentai Roleplay I'm trying to start. Two roles left.
    And yet you continued to post several YT links even though, as you said, you had issues with trying to get them in one post. You're a funny guy... :laugh:
    Like what I initially posted, it's fine to have them separated, but at least give your post some time. The unposted/unspoken rule is wait 10 minutes to double post. At least give the readers a chance to respond.
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